Vice-Minister of Culture Rimantas Mikaitis: “Lithuania and Poland are ready to provide the necessary assistance to the project of Ukraine’s cultural heritage digitisation"


2022 05 13


At the trilateral meeting of the representatives of Lithuania, Poland, and Ukraine in the format of the “Lublin Triangle”, the project of digitisation of Ukraine’s cultural heritage was presented and a discussion on its implementation was held in Warsaw.

Anastasia Bondar, the Vice-Minister of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, informed that 242 objects of Ukraine’s cultural heritage had been destroyed or damaged during the first two months of the war as a result of the actions of the Russian army. Among them are 127 ancient structures, 92 religious buildings, 28 monuments, 20 museums, 19 theatres and culture houses, and 13 libraries. The need to digitise and inventory the movable cultural heritage values preserved in Ukrainian museums was emphasized as well.

Anastasia Bondar, together with Evgen Tonkopriadov, Head of the Information Technology Support and Coordination Department of Ukraine’s Culture and Information Policy, presented a project to digitise Ukraine’s cultural heritage, which should later serve to restore destroyed and damaged heritage sites and preserve valuables stored in Ukrainian museums. It is planned to set up a national platform to collect, generate, and store data in the field of cultural heritage.

The practical issues of implementing this project were discussed during the discussion, which was attended by Jaroslaw Sellin, the Secretary of State for Culture and National Heritage of Poland.

“Lithuania, together with Poland, is ready to provide financial, expert, and other necessary assistance to the project for the digitisation of Ukraine’s cultural heritage in the format of “Lublin Triangle”, as well as to mediate on possible support of the European Union,” the Vice-Minister of Culture Rimantas Mikaitis said.

The Declaration of Intent on Trilateral Cooperation in the format of Lublin Triangle, signed by the Lithuanian, Polish and Ukrainian Ministers of Culture on 28 February, formalises the commitment to pay more attention to the dissemination of the cultural heritage and history of the countries and promote cooperation between cultural institutions and experts in order to curb Russia's military aggression in Ukraine and to protect the cultural and historical heritage.

Photo by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage