Visual Arts

Lithuania has a network of galleries and centres comprising galleries established by the state, municipalities, public organisations (creative unions and public institutions), higher education institutions, as well as galleries established by private initiative. Currently, there are over 50 galleries functioning in Lithuania. In 1996, the Lithuanian Art Gallerists’ Association was established.

The main institution of contemporary art in Lithuania is the Contemporary Art Centre established by the Ministry of Culture. The Centre aims at reflecting the art processes existing in Lithuania, developing the spectator’s perception of contemporary art and cultural phenomena, and revealing their sources, distinction and ties with global art and cultural processes. In the course of the last decade, the Contemporary Art Centre has become one of the most influential organisations in Eastern Europe. As of 1999, the library of contemporary art publications is open at the Centre, whereas in 2012, a cinema hall was opened.

Visual art creators and their projects are partially financed by:

The Lithuanian Council for Culture
The Press, Radio and Television Support Foundation

Lithuanian museums collect the works of art, photography art and interdisciplinary art and present them to the general public. Currently, the National Gallery of Art is open in Vilnius, which presents the collection of the 20th–21st century Lithuanian art. In implementing international cooperation agreements, the works of Lithuanian artists are continuously being presented abroad. Lithuania takes part in the international Venice Biennale and other important international exhibitions.

The Lithuanian Art Gallerists’ Association has been organising the international contemporary art fair “ArtVilnius” in the capital of Lithuania since 2009.

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Last updated: 18-11-2023