Vice-Minister of Culture Albinas Vilčinskas: Lithuanian culture season in Bavaria is an impulse for further cooperation


2021 11 23


A Lithuanian four-day programme at the Blaibach Concert Hall during the weekend concluded the season of Lithuanian culture in Bavaria, which had continued for an entire year. The final events were attended by the Vice-Minister of Culture Albinas Vilčinskas, who also met with Bavaria’s Minister for Science and the Arts Bernd Sibler.

Vice-Minister Vilčinskas thanked Minister Sibler and all partner institutions and organisations that contributed to the highly successful season of Lithuanian culture, “Ohne Distanz: Litauische Kultur in Bayern” (“Without Distance: Lithuanian culture in Bavaria”), which took place in spite of complicated circumstances due to the global pandemic.

“I am especially glad that highly successful cooperation has been established with Bavarian art institutions and organisations, and I sincerely hope that it will not end with the final events of this cultural season but will be nurtured and continued next year”, Vilčinskas said.

After discussing other joint cultural projects, the vice-minister invited Bavaria’s minister for science to visit Kaunas, which will soon become the European Capital of Culture, and Vilnius, which will mark its 700th anniversary in 2023.

According to Vilčinskas, the Lithuanian culture season in Bavaria was exceptional, because it not only created a platform for presenting the arts and culture of Lithuania, but also provided the opportunities for artist residences. He thanked Thomas Bauer, the Director of Blaibach Music Hall, for welcoming two Lithuanian artists here, in Blaibach: the composer Žibuoklė Martinaitytė and photo artist Gintaras Česonis, the results of whose work could be appreciated by the Bavarian public.

The Vice-Minister of Culture Albinas Vilčinskas also explored the exhibition of Česonis’ works, listened to the concerts of Martynas Levickis and the Aidija Chamber Choir, and talked to other Lithuanian artists who participated in the final events of the Lithuanian culture season in Bavaria.

“It is my hope that the Lithuanian culture season in Bavaria will provide an impulse for future creative partnerships between artists and cultural organisations and institutions,” Vilčinskas noted while introducing the Aidija choir to the public of Blaibach.

Photo by Evi Lemberger