UNESCO World Heritage Centre has been informed about the process of Vilnius City master plan’s amendment


2021 04 16


The Ministry of Culture has informed the UNESCO World Heritage Centre about the undergoing project of the Vilnius City master plan until 2030 and the conducted assessment of the impact on heritage.

While preparing the amendment of Vilnius City master plan, Vilnius City Municipality has also commissioned an expert assessment of the impact on heritage by the Vilnius City master plan until 2030, in order to analyse the potential impact of plan-amending decisions on the territory that also encompasses the area of the Vilnius historical centre, which is recorded in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The decisions of the master plan were amended in accordance with the conclusions of this assessment, and they should not have negative impact on the exceptional general value of the Vilnius historical centre.

The report on the assessment of the impact on heritage is publicly available in Lithuanian and English on the website of Vilnius City Municipality.

The Vilnius historical centre was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1994.