Trakai pass on the title of Capital of Culture to Neringa


2021 02 12


In 2021, the Lithuanian Capital of Culture will be Neringa, which will take over this title and symbolic amber tree from Trakai. 

On 29 December, at 7 p.m., the passing on of the tree of culture to Neringa will be held online and streamed from the Facebook pages of the Trakai and Neringa municipalities and culture centres. 

“As Neringa takes over the symbol of the Lithuanian Capital of Culture – an amber tree – I would like to thank the Lithuanian Capital of Culture in 2020, Trakai, and to wish Neringa an eventful and uninterrupted cultural action. Even though the passing on of the title of the country’s cultural capital is taking place at such a difficult time, under the conditions of strict lockdown, we would like to believe that next year, as situation improves, virtual cultural events will gradually move to physical spaces. May the circumstances make it possible to implement the entire eventful program of the Lithuanian Capital of Culture 2021, and to even more vividly reveal the uniqueness of Neringa,” the Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys said. 

In 2020, Trakai developed the idea of the Circles of Culture, which spread action of culture and draw people into it. The circles on the water announced the news from the past and the present and sent the message into the future; a motif of the Trakai Castle, reminiscent of a cardiogram, pulsated in the middle of the circles. 

“Even though, because of the situation of the pandemic, the year was truly difficult and full of surprises, we are glad to have successfully dealt with all the difficulties. I believe that the project of the Capital of Culture in Trakai left a truly indelible mark with its events, concerts, 

art installations and bold decisions. I wish the new capital of culture the best of luck and to not be afraid of challenges at this difficult time,” Agata Mankeliūnienė, Deputy Director of the Administration of Trakai District Municipality, said. 

In 2021, after defeating the waves of the pandemic, Neringa, which is introducing the project Kultūros Sala (Island of Culture), will invite people to discover peace and inspiration by diving into new cultural experiences in the most beautiful resort of Lithuania. 

The historical Baltic landscape intertwined with the German one, as well as the character of the windy and watery land, are the foundation of Neringa’s identity and uniqueness, the mark of its distinctness. 

In the vision of the Island of Culture’s project, this mark of distinctness has acquired the arithmetic expression of +1 and became the basis for the concept of the entire program, 4+1. The city’s four settlements are joined by the Alksnynė Homestead; the four seasons of the year are complemented by the bird migration pathway through the Curonian Spit; the four elements are joined by man, who tames them. 

For centuries, the connection between man and nature has been building the unique world of the Curonian Spit. For the last 20 years, the exceptional cultural landscape has been protected by the UNESCO flag. Precisely because of this, space and its experience are especially important in the Island of Culture. The boundless space is appreciated both by the people who live here and by the city’s guests, who visit Neringa in large numbers. In 2021, the Island of Culture will strengthen the connection between a creative human and nature, while encouraging the local community to come together for creative activities, because Neringa is a legend which inspires. 

“It is my hope that this symbolic passing on of the virtual tree of culture, dictated by the circumstances, will be a reminder to all of us that the Lithuanian Capital of Culture is not a completed project: the ideas, efforts and important work of representatives of culture travel all around Lithuania continuously,” Narūnas Lendraitis, Deputy Mayor of Neringa Municipality, noted.