Support funds of EEA Culture programme will soon reach project promoters


2021 07 23


A festive event in Vilnius on Thursday evening marked Lithuania’s long-term partnership with Iceland, Lichtenstein and Norway: the donor countries under the EEA’s and Norway’s Financial Mechanism.

Aside from other support programmes that reduce economic and social differences and improve relations between the donor countries and 15 European Union’s member states in Central and South-Eastern Europe as well as the Baltic region, the EEA Financial Mechanism’s Culture programme is gaining momentum as well. In accordance with the memorandum of understanding between the Republic of Lithuania, Iceland, the Duchy of Lichtenstein and the Kingdom of Norway, over 8 million euros, including national contributions, have been allocated for the development of accessibility of culture, promotion and strengthening of cultural education and business, and the monitoring of cultural heritage sites in Lithuania. These funds will soon reach the project promoters.

In the spring of 2020, two calls for applications for the development of priority areas of culture were announced: “Development of Accessibility of Culture and Strengthening of Cultural Education” (for the total amount of 1.5 million euros) and “Promotion of Local Cultural Business” (4.3 million euros). Nine projects were selected under the first call for applications, five were chosen under the second call. Additionally, under the Culture programme, the direct funding project FIXUS is being implemented, which has been allocated 1.6 million euros.

Currently, agreements are being signed with the promoters of selected projects. We will provide more details about the projects after the signing. The start of the projects’ implementation is scheduled for the coming autumn, while the end is planned for 2024.