Recommendations for More Effective Promotion of Lithuanian Culture Abroad


2022 10 19


In 2022, the study "Evaluation of Targeted Measures for the Promotion of Lithuanian Culture Abroad and their Impact" was carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, with the participation of the Lithuanian Council for Culture. The main objective of the study was to analyse these measures, to carry out in-depth consultations with the cultural sector, and to provide conclusions and recommendations on a strategy for the promotion of Lithuanian culture abroad in different cultural fields and geographical territories.

The main focus was on the targeted funding measures of the Lithuanian Film Centre, the Lithuanian Cultural Institute, the Cultural Attachés and the Lithuanian Council for Culture related to the promotion of culture internationally.

The data show that the most internationalised areas in terms of cultural promotion are film, with its dedicated institution – the Lithuanian Film Centre, and visual arts (including art, photography and interdisciplinary arts), while literature and publishing, theatre, dance, circus and music are about one third less active. Low activity in internationally targeted measures for the promotion of culture abroad can be observed in the fields of design and archives and libraries.

In terms of the geography of cultural outreach, the most important countries for the various cultural sectors, which are the target for more than half of the projects, are the European Union countries (excluding the Scandinavian countries and neighbouring countries): Germany, Italy, France, followed by neighbouring Poland, the Baltic States and the English speaking the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. The potential for further expansion is seen in the strengthening of existing trends and a greater focus on Scandinavia, with the Netherlands, Spain and Japan often mentioned as potential markets. 

The study also explored strategic events for the promotion of culture abroad, with the Venice Biennale (art and architecture), the Frankfurt Book Fair, the London Book Fairs, the Cannes Film Festival and the Berlinale, Milan Design Week and Tallinn Music Week being the most frequently quoted.

The conclusions and recommendations of the evaluation of targeted measures and their impact on the promotion of Lithuanian culture abroad and summary of the study in English are available in the Lithuanian Culture Research Database.

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