Office of Cultural Attaché has been established in Japan


2021 09 08


In accordance with the submission of the Ministry of Culture, the Government has decided to establish the office of the cultural attaché at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Japan.

This decision was made after taking into account that Japan is a strategic partner of the European Union and the transatlantic alliance as well as the capital of diplomacy in the Eastern hemisphere. Japan is also one of the most important art markets in the world and access to it signifies recognition and prospects in the entire region of Asia. Japan is included in the list of target markets prepared by the chancellery of the Government which is ranked by indicators of export and direct foreign investments as well as by cultural and political goals.

“Lithuanian artists, cultural organisations and specialists of various cultural fields identify Japan as a high-priority country and a reliable partner in the region of Asia. The activities of the cultural attaché in Japan will help to ensure the intensity of cultural cooperation while making use of existing contacts and establishing new ones with state, municipal and non-governmental cultural organisations as well as artists and representatives of various cultural fields”, the Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys said.

Possible examples of appropriate impetus for the activities of the cultural attaché should also include the project Kaunas – the European Capital of Culture 2022, the cultural promotion programmes of the EU delegation in Japan, and participation in the activities of EUNIC Japan. Another occasion to intensify the cultural relations will be the 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Lithuania and Japan in 2022.

In order to increase the effectiveness of the currently operating network of cultural attachés and direct some of the limited financial resources toward the strengthening of international cultural cooperation with the region of Asia, the new office has been established after removing the office of cultural attaché from the Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania in Kaliningrad, the Russian Federation.

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