New investment knowledge platform launched:


2022 05 06


The informational website of the 2021–2027 EU investment fund programme and plan Next Generation Lithuania,, has been launched. On the website, potential applicants, project implementers, partners and other stakeholders and the public are provided detailed information in one place about the EU-funded investments.

The website provides information about funding sources, funding possibilities, plans of calls for applications (i.e., project implementation), calls and requirements are announced, there is a calendar of events. Information is also presented on the projects that are being implemented: the implementers of the projects, the amount of provided funding, the beneficiaries of public contracts, documents, project results and other relevant information.

“The aim of this project is to provide the public with an informational platform which is convenient to use and where everyone looking for information on EU investments could find it easily and quickly. I invite everyone to subscribe to the news and be the first to find out about the announced calls or project results”, the Vice-Minister of Finance Vaida Česnulevičiūtė said.

According to the vice-minister, the emergence of the new information channel is an important stage which will contribute to the transparency of investments, ensure easy search for information in one place, and will provide better possibilities for project planning.

Currently, alongside the data on funding projects, the most relevant information published on the website is on the plans of calls for applications in 2022.

“Business, project promoters and other social partners and the public eagerly await calls for applications because this will ensure the start of some activities or continuity of the others, as the value of the plans of calls in 2022 is almost 2.8 billion euros, 1.7 billion of which is under the Next Generation Lithuania plan, while 1 billion is under the 2021–2027 Investment Programme”, Vice-Minister Česnulevičiūtė underlined.

The greatest-value investments are planned for the following important areas: renovation of multi-apartment buildings using organic materials; implementation of the Schools of the Millennium programme; implementation of projects of service digitisation and maturity-level raising of the provided services; increasing employment level of vulnerable groups; establishing competence centres of infectious diseases’ cluster; implementation of system of 200 MW-capacity electricity generation devices; promotion of efficient management of state information resources.

Based on the calls planned for 2022, contracts are to be concluded for the total value of 1.5 billion euros, 1 billion of which is under the economic recovery and resilience-increasing measure NextGenerationEU’s plan “Next Generation Lithuania” and 0.5 billion of which is under the Investment Programme. In 2022, it is planned to pay out about 246 million euros, 196 million of which is the funds of the Next Generation Lithuania plan and 50 million of which is the funds of the Investment Programme. The largest investments are planned in the energy field: 112 million euros (e.g., for the 200 MW-capacity electricity generation devices’ system).

We remind you that the new website is a long-term project of information collection and promotion in which data can be sorted, search for data can be conducted, data can be obtained, compared and used repeatedly, and in which one can subscribe to the news. The Central Project Management Agency is responsible for the website’s creation, development and management.

Information of the Ministry of Finance