New European Bauhaus: How cities of the future will look


2021 03 22


At 9.00 am on 25 March, an online discussion is held on the New European Bauhaus initiative, inviting the participation of community groups concerned about how our residential environment will look in the future. Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys will also participate in the discussion.

A 21st century Bauhaus: this is the European Commission's proposal to all of Europe, to agree on how our cities will look, guided by the most advanced ecological, cultural and social ideas. The New European Bauhaus is not just a challenge for architects, but a general task for our entire society.

The Bauhaus, founded in 1919 in Weimar Germany, proposed an innovative view of the environment surrounding the person, and of the relationship between them. More than a century later, the New European Bauhaus seeks harmony between sustainability and style, so that Europeans adopt the ideas of the European Green Deal and make them a part of their homes. According to President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, the New European Bauhaus is a project of hope.

The European Commission's idea includes territorial planning, construction, architecture, and urban development, and seeks to find common ground between aesthetics, art, science, sustainable planning, technology and innovation, and the circular economy. An innovative approach to our way of life and the quality of the environment is reflected in this vision of our future, along with a new green way as we transition to climate-neutral cities.

The discussion is held on the Zoom platform. A link is sent after registration. The event is livestreamed on Facebook, and it will remain available for viewing after the event ends.

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