Much-awaited news: Lithuania’s cultural season will take place in France


2022 07 12


In 2024, Lithuania is planning to hold the cultural season in France, which will aim to introduce the latter country’s public to Lithuania’s professional arts and culture, promote cultural cooperation, and improve the relations between the two countries.

The agreement regarding Lithuania’s cultural season was reached last November during the meeting between President Gitanas Nausėda and President of France Emmanuel Macron.

“Lithuania’s cultural season will ring out widely in France, which has especially deep and old cultural traditions. This is a significant appraisal of both our culture and art representatives as well as cultural diplomacy. Now, an intense but remarkably interesting and meaningful preparation stage awaits us. I believe that, thanks to joint efforts, in 2024 Lithuania’s cultural season in France will become an exceptional event which will continue the cultural cooperation traditions of both countries”, the Minister of Culture of Lithuania Simonas Kairys said.

The Ministry of Culture has already started preparing for the project’s implementation: an inter-institutional work group is being formed which will clarify the concept of Lithuania’s cultural season and the project programme’s guidelines and coordinate organisational matters. Currently the Lithuanian Culture Institute is conducting consultations with the culture sector: its representatives are invited to share their opinions on what topics would be relevant and meaningful to develop.

The programme of Lithuania’s cultural season in France will contribute to the much wider and more significant degree of implementation of the planned cooperation goals that are specified in the strategic partnership signed by Lithuania and France during the President Macron’s visit in Lithuania in 2020. Lithuania and France share historical and cultural ties; both countries nurture a common future vision of united Europe which is based on environmental protection, innovations, education, scientific research and culture.

Organising of other countries’ cultural seasons has deep-rooted traditions in France. During a cultural season, the country is given special attention and cultural events are held not just at the capital but also in other larger cities of the country. The program of the season of Lithuania’s culture will be implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of France and the French Institute in Paris and Vilnius.