More opportunities for cooperation between filmmakers from Lithuania and Israel


2022 01 07


Wider opportunities of international cooperation have become available for the filmmakers of Lithuania: today the Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys and the Ambassador of the State of Israel to Lithuania Yossef Levy have signed the agreement between governments regarding joint production of films of both countries.

“Until now, Lithuania did not have any joint film production projects with Israel. This agreement by the Governments of both countries, which clearly defines inter-state cooperation in the field of promotion of film production, opens up wider opportunities for the filmmakers of Lithuania and Israel, also by attracting additional funding. All of this will make it possible to increase the international competitiveness of Lithuanian cinema even more”, Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys said.

The agreement between the Governments of Lithuania and Israel provides more favourable conditions for film producers of both countries to receive project funding. Additionally, this agreement will expand cooperation opportunities that provide the basis for broader presentation of films.

“This is a great day for filmmakers of both countries. Israel and Lithuania take pride in high quality of their films that open up a window to our cultures and national and human identity. We hope that the new agreement will strengthen the creators’ cooperation in the field of cinema, which is a part of the cultural dialogue between our countries”, Ambassador of Israel to Lithuania Yossef Levy said.

The agreement with Israel regarding joint production of films is the second one of its kind signed by Lithuania. The first one was signed with France in 2015.

Photo by Liudas Masys