Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys: support for Ukraine’s creative artists will continue for as long as necessary


2022 07 07


As of the beginning of July, 70 Ukrainian artists had found refuge in Lithuania and had been granted a monthly stipend of EUR 600 each, for a period of three months.

The total amount of the stipends is EUR 126,000. The stipends were granted at the beginning of April in accordance with a decision by Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys, after the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Lithuanian Film Centre announced invitations to submit applications for the stipends. It is planned to accept applications until 15 September.

“These are only preliminary results for the initiative to grant stipends to Ukrainian cultural and artistic representatives. We will continue to seek ways to assist Ukraine’s creative artists not only here in Lithuania, but also in Ukraine, as long as necessary, until victory is won. We also have to help maintain the connection of Ukrainians here with their country, because their creative future is there, restoring and rebuilding their homeland. For that reason, it is important to establish as many firm partnerships as possible between Ukraine’s creative artists and Lithuania’s cultural organisations, the benefits of which will be felt on both sides in the future,” the Minister of Culture says.

At present, 125 Lithuanian cultural and artistic institutions and organisations are offering jobs or opportunities for cooperation to Ukrainians in the field of culture and the arts.

In a separate effort, initiatives to assist Ukraine and its creative artists are being supported through a Lithuanian Council for Culture competition to finance copyright and related rights. Projects eligible for funding included those in the field of culture and the arts who organise and/or participate in public cultural or artistic events to support refugees from the war in Ukraine and cooperation between Ukraine’s creative artists and the Lithuanian cultural community. Eight projects have received a total amount of EUR 61,400. The largest portion of this funding has been awarded for the purpose of involving Ukrainian artists from various fields in the projects of Lithuanian creative artists.

Ukrainian artists and artistic groups are constantly being invited to Lithuania. Concerts featuring Kyiv soloists have been well-attended, and audiences across Lithuania have been able to see performances by artists of the Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. In addition, joint projects of Lithuanian and Ukrainian artists have taken place abroad, including a project by Marius Ivaškevičius and Ukrainian creative artists at the Festival d’Avignon that attracted great interest.

Next year, the Lithuanian Film Centre plans to support the Ukrainian film sector with a contribution of EUR 50,000 as part of a joint European initiative announced in Cannes (France). Lithuania has also committed to contribute to an initiative for the digitalisation of Ukrainian cultural heritage. Opportunities to contribute to EU initiatives supporting Ukraine’s NGO sector will also be sought.

Stipends funded by the Lithuanian Council for Culture

Stipends funded by the Lithuanian Film Centre

Projects funded through the copyright and related rights programme

Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre photograph