Meeting of Baltic Cultural Committee discussed the current affairs of cultural policy in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia


2021 07 08


On 7 July, the annual meeting of the Baltic Cultural Committee was held.

The Vice-Minister of Culture Daina Urbanavičienė, who chaired the meeting, and the secretaries of the Latvian and Estonian ministries of culture discussed the current affairs of cultural policy of the last six months as well as the issues related to the Baltic Culture Fund and the countries’ joint initiatives in the field of culture. The meetings have been conducted remotely for the last years; this time it was organised by Lithuania.

The meeting touched upon the challenges that arose during the pandemic and were faced by the countries’ cultural sectors as well as the support measures for the cultural field and preparations for potential future restrictions due to new outbreaks of the coronavirus. The countries’ short-term cultural policy priorities were introduced as well.

Questions related to the further activities of the Baltic Culture Fund were also discussed. In accordance with the agreement signed in July of 2018, the countries administer the funding allocated by the fund in turn every three years. As the end of Estonia’s administration approaches, issues related to the fund’s handing over to Latvia were deliberated, as well as the need and possibilities to adjust the regulations of the fund’s functioning in order to achieve smoother operation. In 2025, the fund’s administration will be taken over by Lithuanian Council for Culture.

The countries exchanged information about planned joint projects: in 2023, a broader presentation of the three Baltic states’ film industries is planned to be held at the European Film Market, which will take place during the Berlin International Film Festival. The project is implemented by the countries’ cinema-supporting institutions. The meeting also devoted focus to international initiatives in museums.

In 2020, the Baltic Cultural Committee’s meeting was organized by Estonia. This international cooperation format is connected to the Baltic Council of Ministers, which was founded in 1994. The next is scheduled to be held in Latvia.