Latvia is taking over management of Baltic Culture Fund


2021 12 17


Starting from 2022, the management of the Baltic Culture Fund and administration of project funding will be taken over by Latvia’s State Culture Capital Foundation.

Established in 2019, the Baltic Culture Fund finances joint cultural projects of the three Baltic states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Based on rotating principle, the fund is administered by national culture foundations, which change places very three years: the Cultural Endowment of Estonia was the first to coordinate the Baltic Culture Fund’s activities, while next year the baton will be picked up by Latvia’s State Culture Capital Foundation.

Applications for the following year will be accepted from 3 January 2022 until 22 February 2022 (inclusive).

The aim of the Baltic Culture Fund is to encourage cultural cooperation between the Baltic states and strengthen the international dimension of culture of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania through joint cultural projects and events.

The Baltic Culture Fund finances professional architectural, visual arts’, design, literary, music, performing arts, libraries’, museums’, archival and interdisciplinary projects.

The Baltic Culture Fund prioritises new and one-off cultural events (concerts, exhibitions, festivals, theatre productions) organised beyond the borders of the Baltic states as well as international presentations and forums that increase the international dimension of the culture of the Baltic states.

The funding allocated for the project may range from EUR 25.000 to EUR 100.000. The project’s implementers must contribute no less than 20 percent of the allocated amount to the project’s implementation. Applications can be submitted only by enterprises and organisations registered in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The applicants must have partners in the other two Baltic states.

The project applications will be evaluated by an expert committee consisting of six members who represent different areas of culture and who have been appointed for the period of three years. Each country is represented by two committee members who are appointed by the culture councils that manage the fund.

Each Baltic state makes an annual contribution of EUR 100.000 to the shared budget of the Baltic Culture Fund.

The Baltic Culture Fund’s statutes, procedure for submission of applications, and the fund’s logo are provided on the website of the programme, while the fund’s working language is English.

Information by Lithuanian Council for Culture