In 2022, special attention will be paid to the history and culture of Karaims of Lithuania


2021 10 27


The Government has approved the Ministry of Culture’s plan for the marking of the year of Karaims (Karaites) of Lithuania in 2022.

“The year of Karaims of Lithuania, which will be marked next year, is a special opportunity to take a closer look at the many years of history shared by Lithuanians and Karaims. We have to make use of this opportunity creatively and help open up the vast riches of the Karaite culture and heritage to both the local communities and the public at large. The approved plan will make it possible to mark the year of Karaims in Lithuania in a truly meaningful and active way”, the Vice-Minister of Culture Albinas Vilčinskas said.   

During the implementation of the plan’s measures, various commemorations, conferences, cultural, educational, informational, publishing and promotional events are planned, as well as projects that aim to encourage the public to take interest in the country’s history and introduce the history and culture of Karaims in Lithuania. Cultural and informational events will be held in Vilnius, Trakai, Panevėžys, Lithuania’s diplomatic representations abroad, museums, and libraries.

The commemoration’s plan has four chapters: promotion and publication activities; commemorations, conferences, events; cultural dissemination, educational and informational activities; and activities of immortalizing commemoration; in total, almost forty activities and projects.

The official commemoration of the year of Karaims of Lithuania will be organised at the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania, while an international scientific conference dedicated to the year of Karaims in Lithuania will be held at Vilnius University. In Trakai, an international gathering of Karaims will be organised. The Society of Lithuanian Karaim Culture and the Trakai History Museum will organise a music event in the Trakai Island Castle: an oratory titled Karaims. In 2022, the maintenance work on the Kenesa of Vilnius Karaims is planned to be completed. Information dedicated to the history and culture of Karaims will be presented on the shows of the Lithuanian Radio and Television, exhibitions dedicated to the commemorative year will be created and held, publications will be printed that will be dedicated to the Karaim music, prominent figures of the Lithuanian Karaim community, and the places that are related to the life and history of Karaims in Lithuania. The directorate of Trakai Historical National Park will build a model of the Karaim section of Trakai in the city. The Department of National Minorities together with the Society of Lithuanian Karaim Culture and the religious community will organise a Karaim youth camp and the camp Kujaščech for Karaim children.

The Seimas, taking into account that next year marks the 625th anniversary since the Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas invited the Karaims to settle in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, has declared 2022 to be the year of the Karaims of Lithuania.

Photo by Gediminas Savickis (ELTA)