EUR 15.5 million allocated for promotion of cultural and creative industries


2021 12 31


Three calls for applications have been announced today for promotion of cultural and creative industries (CCI). In total, 15.5 million euros have been allocated for this purpose.

“Investments in the CCI will not only accelerate the sector’s recovery following the pandemic but will also create the conditions for its further development, contributing to sustainable growth of the digital and circular economy. We would like to encourage representatives of the CCI sector in Lithuania to actively make use of the exceptional funding opportunities that are becoming available”, the Vice-Minister of Culture Vygintas Gasparavičius said.

One of the calls for applications is intended to encourage very small, small and average-size companies (SAC) operating in the CCI sector to develop new digital products as well as services and products of the circular economy by investing in the infrastructure necessary for the development of CCI products. This instrument has been allocated EUR 4.16 million. Application deadline is 28 March 2022.

Another instrument, incentives for design creators “Wings of Design”, is the development and implementation of new design solutions in order to increase SAC production of digital and/or circular economy products or supply of services or in order to implement solutions oriented toward principles of digital and (or) circular economy. This instrument has been allocated EUR 0.79 million. Application deadline is 28 February 2022.

The largest amount, 10.55 million euros, is allocated for incentives for the cultural and creative sector to develop competitive cultural products: i.e., development of design, marketing solutions, digital/electronic platforms, audiovisual and virtual reality products and services. Application deadline for this instrument is 21 February 2022.

More information about calls for applications

15.5 million euros for promotion of Lithuania’s cultural and creative industries are planned to be allocated in the REACT-EU initiative approved by the European Commission. It is the European Union’s economic recovery support initiative, which plans to allocate investments for the short-term period of 2021–2023 that will promote and strengthen the sectors of the economy that can most effectively contribute to the European countries’ rapid overall recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences.

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