Davos Baukultur Quality System turns to high-quality environment design


2021 05 21


The Swiss Federal Office of Culture has announced the Davos Baukultur Quality System, which was created in cooperation with international partners. This system is one of the steps towards implementation of obligations assumed after signing the declaration on the high-quality Baukultur for Europe during the conference of the European ministers of culture in Davos. The creation of the quality system is the first attempt to objectively and extensively measure the quality of Baukultur and contribute to practical implementation of high-quality Baukultur.

High-quality Baukultur is defined as properly designed cities, rural areas and building. High-quality places create a pleasant environment, which is important to the welfare and health of people.

The Davos Baukultur Quality System is based on the principle that high-quality Baukultur is an objective concept which can be measured and evaluated according to 8 criteria: management, functionality, environment, economics, diversity, context, sense of place, and beauty. The quality system presents the assessment form with the questionnaire, which encompasses each of the criteria. This questionnaire can be adapted for various situations and projects as well as expanded, if needed. The quality system places equal importance on social, emotional and cultural aspects of Baukultur as it does on technical and functional characteristics.  The filled-in questionnaire makes it possible to evaluate the quality of a certain location’s Baukultur, reveals the place’s strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of Baukultur. This can be used while working on architectural and urban projects or while assessing tenders for contracts.

The European ministers of culture signed the Davos Declaration in early 2018. The Baukultur concept mentioned in the document encompasses the entire built environment: the existing buildings, including cultural heritage monuments and other elements, as well as the design and construction of modern buildings, infrastructure, public spaces and landscape.

More information about the Davos Baukultur Quality System