Cultural paths in Lithuania will be divided into regional, national, and international


2020 11 12


In accordance with the Concept of the Development of Cultural Paths in Lithuania, the Minister of Culture has approved the Description of the Procedure of the Determination and Certification of the Level of Cultural Paths in Lithuania.

The description regulates the criteria for the determination of the level of cultural paths in Lithuania, and the assembling, functions, and work organisation of the Expert Commission for the Assessment of Applications to Determine and Certify the Cultural Path Level in Lithuania. The description of the procedure also regulates the submission, selection and assessment of applications to determine and certify cultural paths, the issuing of Certificate of Cultural Path in Lithuania, the coordination of the activities of certified cultural path operators, and the monitoring of the activities of cultural paths.

The procedure regulated by the description can determine 3 levels of cultural paths: regional, national, and international. The process of the determination and certification of cultural path levels will be organised by the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture.

Cultural paths are considered to be one of the fundamental methods of the development of cultural tourism. They encompass travel with the aim of getting acquainted with the cultural environment (from architecture and landscape to intangible heritage), people, occurrences, cultural events, visual and performing arts, food, creative and cultural transformation processes. The Ministry of Culture has prepared the Guidelines to Creators and Developers of Cultural Paths in Lithuania.