Artists who wish to arrive to Lithuania from non-EEA countries must apply for a permit


2021 12 14


Please note that, before arriving to Lithuania from countries outside the European Economic Area, artists and the personnel providing services to them must submit requests to the Ministry of Culture, as long as the state-level emergency status, declared due to the pandemic, is still in effect in Lithuania.

There have been cases when persons arriving from so-called third countries that are non-members of the EEA had not submitted a request to the Ministry of Culture regarding a permit to arrive to Lithuania beforehand, therefore they face complicated situations and problems in addition to causing issues for the officials of Lithuania. These situations can be avoided if the permits are taken care of in advance.

The requests to receive a permit for arrival must be submitted to the Ministry of Culture in accordance with the established procedure. The filled-in request has to be signed by the qualified electronic signature of the applying natural person or the head of the legal person or by his or her representative; or the request has to be formulated using electronic means that make it possible to ensure the integrity and unalterability of the text. In case the request submitted via electronic means is not in .adoc format, an unsigned version of the same request is provided additionally in .doc format.

The filled-in and signed request form and the copy of a personal document (passport) of the individual who is planning to arrive are submitted by email to [email protected]

The Ministry of Culture examines the request no later than in 5 working days since the day of receiving the request and makes the decision whether to issue the permit. A copy of the permit signed by the Minister of Culture is presented to the person who submitted the request no later than in 2 working days.

This requirement does not apply to citizens of the countries of the European Economic Area, the Swiss Confederation, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, the Principality of Andorra, the Principality of Monaco, the Republic of San Marino and the Holy See (Vatican City State) as well as persons legally residing in those countries because the state border-crossing restriction does not apply to them.

The description of the procedure of the examination of requests can be found here.