A new tool will make EU funding for cultural and creative sectors even more accessible


2021 12 01


The European Commission has introduced the CulturEU tool, which is dedicated to informing the cultural and creative industries’ sectors about the most suitable EU funding possibilities for 2021–2027.

This platform/interactive guide will make it possible to see and discover what suits a specific field the most in one place.

The tool encompasses about 20 EU programmes that could fund various projects in the cultural and creative dimension: from cultural heritage and environmental protection to the digital field. The tool automatically selects the most suitable funding sources before some answers are provided to a few questions about the represented sector, the type of organization, and the characteristics of the support. Moreover, the system generates information about potential budget and application processes and directs the user to the most suitable programmes.

The interactive CulturEU guide also provides examples of EU funded projects from 2014 until 2020.

The CulturEU website will be regularly updated. It should become available in all EU languages during the first quarter of next year.

During the nearest future, many measures will be directed toward the growth and transformation of cultural and creative industries, thus highlighting the importance of cultural and creative industries to the growth of economy.

Photo of pixabay.com