Lithuanian state scholarships to be awarded to culture and arts employees who left Ukraine


2022 03 30


By the ruling of the Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys, the creators of Ukrainian culture and professional art who find asylum in Lithuania will be allocated state scholarships.

Creators from Ukraine will be able to qualify for a monthly scholarship of 600 euros, which will be awarded for the period of three months. This financial support aims at funding the creative activities of Ukraine’s cultural and professional art creators and encouraging their cooperation with the Lithuanian cultural community in the fields of architecture, libraries, circus, fine arts, design, ethnic culture and folk art, photography, cinema, cultural heritage, literature, museums, music, dance, interdisciplinary art, and theatre. Not only artists but also other cultural employees, such as translators, renovators, or guides may also qualify for the scholarships.

“We hear and are glad that Lithuanian cultural institutions are already establishing partnerships with Ukraine’s artists and cultural employees, accommodate and employ them as far as possible, and involve them in joint projects. However, during this initial stage, general attention from the state is also very important, as well as coordinated actions and, of course, financial support for the Ukrainian creators who fled the horrors of war without violating their country’s laws and found refuge in Lithuania. Let’s provide these people with not only a safe haven but also an opportunity to not lose their skills in their creative activities”, the Minister of Culture said.

By encouraging cooperation between Ukraine’s creators and Lithuanian cultural organisations, it is hoped that many sustainable creative partnerships will be established whose benefit to both countries’ culture would be felt in the future as well.

More detailed information and calls for applications will be announced by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and the Lithuanian Film Centre in early April.

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