Zita Bružaitė

Zita Bružaitė


Activity areas of the Vice-Minister of Culture include ethnic culture and intangible cultural heritage, cooperation with municipalities in the development of cultural policy, strengthening and efficiency of cultural centres, amateur artistic activities. In addition, the Vice-Minister coordinates the development and implementation of a basic package of cultural services, as well as legal regulation related to the commemoration of historical memory, and the policy of national minorities.


Curriculum vitae



Date and place of birth


1966, Kaunas, Lithuania





1989–1994 Lithuanian Music Academy (now – the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre)


1980–1985 Juozas Grušas music school in Kaunas (speciality: Theory and Composition)



Work experience


2017–2020 Art and cultural project manager at Concert Institution “Kauno santaka”


2012–2019 Docent of the Faculty at VMU Music Academy


2009–2019 Director of Public Institution “Iš arti”


2018–2019, 2003–2005 Lecturer of the Faculty of Humanities at Kaunas University of Technology


2009–2017 Chairperson of the Lithuanian Composers’ Union


2000–2005 Deputy Director at Juozas Naujalis Music Gymnasium in Kaunas


1991–2011 Teacher of Music History and Theory subjects at Juozas Naujalis Music Gymnasium in Kaunas


1985–1989 Music teacher at Kaunas 17th Secondary School



Public activities

2008–2012 Head of the Lithuanian Composers’ Union, Kaunas branch (voluntary work)




Winner of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Award (2019)


Foreign languages

English, Russian

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