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2021 11 12
Competition for position of Cultural Attaché in the USA was won by Gražina Michnevičiūtė for another term

The Ministry of Culture’s competition for the position of the cultural attaché at the Lithuanian Consulate General in New York, USA was won by the current attaché Gražina Michnevičiūtė.

2021 11 08
The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture has announced call for mentors in a new pilot project

A new funding scheme dedicated to the development of young culture professionals (aged under 30) has been initiated under the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture.

2021 11 05
During the meeting of the Minister of Culture and the new Ambassador of France, Czesław Miłosz’s commemoration in Paris was discussed

On Thursday, the Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys met with the newly appointed Ambassador of France Alix Everard. The meeting focused on the Minister of Culture’s upcoming visit to Paris this month as well as the current and future initiatives of bilateral cooperation.

2021 10 27
In 2022, special attention will be paid to the history and culture of Karaims of Lithuania

The Government has approved the Ministry of Culture’s plan for the marking of the year of Karaims (Karaites) of Lithuania in 2022.

2021 10 25
During fellowship in the U.S., Vice-Minister of Culture will focus on ways to defeat disinformation and public information policies

The Vice-Minister of Culture Vygintas Gasparavičius has gone to do fellowship at the University of Washington (USA). Fifteen representatives from countries of Europe and Asia have been invited, and Gasparavičius is the only representative of Lithuania.

2021 10 22
73rd Frankfurt Book Fair includes Lithuanian books

This Wednesday marked the start of the 73rd Frankfurt Book Fair, which, following a two-year break, invited publishing professionals to the largest event of the literary community dedicated to discussions of the latest literature, book trends, and the present and the future of publishing.

2021 10 22
Emilija Škarnulytė’s works are exhibited at one of key modern art galleries of the United Kingdom

On 29–31 October, a series of exhibitions and events titled Power to Change , dedicated to the topic of climate change, will take place at Tate Modern, one of the most important modern art galleries in the United Kingdom.

2021 10 21
Lithuania and Poland continue dialogue in the field of cultural heritage preservation

Wednesday marked the end of bilateral meeting of the expert group for the preservation of the cultural heritage of Lithuania and Poland , which was organised in Kaunas this time.

2021 10 18
Lithuania and Sweden are connected by close cultural relations: cooperation includes cinema and literary translations

During the meeting between the Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys and the Ambassador of Kingdom of Sweden Inger Buxton, discussion focused on the coronavirus pandemic’s influence on the culture sector of both countries and the most significant projects and initiatives of bilateral cultural ...

2021 10 15
Prize by Ministry of Culture awarded to makers of the film Piligrimai, which triumphed in Venice Film Festival

By ruling of the Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys, the creative team of the feature-length film Piligrimai has been awarded the prize of the Ministry of Culture for the received major international awards in the field of culture.

2021 10 13
Vice-Minister of Culture Rimantas Mikaitis appointed as Government representative on cultural heritage issues shared with Poland

By the ruling of the Government, Vice-Minister of Culture Rimantas Mikaitis has been appointed as the representative of the Government on cultural heritage issues in activities that have been envisaged in the agreement between the Republic of Lithuania and the Republic of Poland for ...

2021 10 01
Research revealed improvement of information literacy and critical thinking of Lithuania’s population

In four years, there has been a noticeable increase in use of information and communication measures by Lithuania’s population, the Internet has become more significant than the television, and social networks have become almost as important as online news portals.

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