The upcoming Lithuanian Season in France was presented in Paris

At a conference held in Paris today, the upcoming Lithuanian Season in France 2024 was introduced. It will continue for three months: from 12 September until 12 December.

According to the Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys, today the 11th of March has become a sort of double holiday for Lithuanians: on this day 34 years ago, the independence of Lithuania was restored, while today it is a kind of prelude to the Lithuanian Season in France 2024, which will be held in autumn.

“Culture has been and always will be a vital part of our freedom. The events of recent years in Ukraine also confirm the role of culture in the struggle for freedom. On the battlefield, the aggressor aims to harm not just people, but also to destroy their culture, history and memory”, Kairys said. “For France, culture and arts have always been especially important, while culture is perceived as a horizontal value, which encompasses all areas of human life. I am certain that the Lithuanian Season in France will become not a one-time event but the beginning of a sustainable, long-term cooperation”.

Participants of the press conference, in which the main directions of the programme of the Lithuanian Season in France were presented, were the Ambassador of Lithuania to France Nerijus Aleksiejūnas, the Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys, the President of the French Institute Eva Nguyen Binh, and the Commissioner of the Lithuanian Season in France Dr. Virginija Vitkienė.

The programme of the Lithuanian Season will be oriented towards three thematic areas: global neighbourhood (historical, cultural relations between Lithuania and France, strengthening of common values, climate crisis, migration, (post)colonialism, new imperialism), empowered identities (voices of under-seen and under-heard people, gender concepts, ethnic identities, involvement of Ukrainians, traumas of Europe in (post-)war) and liberated imagination (utopia, dystopia, and fiction, impact of artificial intelligence on resilience, identity, and imagination, scenarios of the future(s)).

The main activity areas will encompass visual arts, architecture and cultural heritage, stage arts, classical and modern music, cinema, literature, gastronomy, debates, conferences; events of diplomacy, economics and innovation promotion as well as research and education cooperation projects will be organised.

In three months, over 200 events are planned to be organised in the entire France that will be participated by over 500 artists, performers, and representatives of other fields; no less than 120 bilateral cultural partnerships will be implemented. The events are expected to be attended by at least half a million visitors.

Photo by Marina Perillat / Institut Français