The remains of Lithuanian political prisoners and exiles were reburied in Kazakhstan


2020 09 29


In September, fourteen remains of Lithuanian political prisoners, deportees and their relatives were transferred from the Rudnyk city cemetery in Kazakhstan to the memorial complex in Spas, and from the abandoned Sarana cemetery – the remains of the partisan fighter Pranas Perevičius.

A memorial plaque with the names of political prisoners was installed at the reburial site, and tombstones and crosses marking the Lithuanian graveyard in Rudnyk were transported.

“The reburial of the remains was necessary this year due to the real threat of liquidation of the Rudnyk cemetery in the near future. Despite the challenges posed by the epidemiological situation and the harsh climate, the planned works have been carried out successfully”, said the head of the Lithuanian expedition to Kazakhstan, the director of the public institution “Cultural Values Care Service” archaeologist dr. Linas Kvizikevičius.

These works for the preservation of historical memory were coordinated and financed by the Ministry of Culture during the implementation of the project “Preservation of the graves of Lithuanian political prisoners in the Republic of Kazakhstan who have not returned to their homeland”.

The Lithuanian Genocide and Resistance Research Centre, the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania in Kazakhstan and the Honorary Consul in Karaganda significantly contributed to the implementation of the project.