The Concept of the Culture Internationalization Policy is enacted


2019 01 22

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The Concept of the Culture Internationalization Policy, developed in the framework of the implementation of the action plan of the Government Programme of the Republic of Lithuania, defines the goal, objectives, implementation principles, the values generated by the internationalization of culture, and a model of integrated coordination with other policy fields.

The goal of the culture internationalization policy is to advance the internationalization of Lithuanian culture in pursuance of the diversity of cultural expressions, enhancement of the quality and competitiveness of creative products and cultural services, contributing to the development of an open and dynamic society, able to perform in an ever-changing world.

The objectives of the culture internationalization policy shall contribute to the

1. development of the professional competences of creators and culture professionals by promoting international mobility;

2. development of audiences, also in the digital environment, by creating the conditions for cooperation between Lithuanian and foreign cultural organizations, encouraging circulation of works, cultural exchanges and joint activities with foreign partners;

3. capacity building of creators, culture professionals and cultural organizations by introducing their work in a meaningful way at the international level.

The document also outlines social, economic and diplomatic values of the internationalization of culture. Their consistent development and coordination of the synergies with the institutions concerned, would enable more efficient realization of culture potential in the fields of foreign and economic policy.

The provisions laid down in this concept shall be included in the provisions of the new strategic documents in the field of culture. The implementation of the concept will be coordinated by the Ministry of Culture within its competence.

Main provisions of the Concept of the Culture Internationalization Policy