Ministry of Culture is going to reinforce nurturance of the Lithuanian spirit abroad


2019 06 28


The administration of the Ministry of Culture met representatives of the Lithuanian World Community – Dalia Henke, Jūrate Caspersen and Vida Bandis.

They discussed methods and tools how to strengthen and preserve the Lithuanian spirit in diaspora, as well as supervision issues of the Lithuanian World Community. It is planned to entrust them to the Lithuanian National Cultural Centre. According to its competence, this institution is taking care about preservation of identity of the Lithuanian emigrant communities, continuity and development of national traditions. It provides methodical support to the communities, helps to organize emigrant festivals of dances and songs, other events, and coordinates participation of emigrant artistic groups in the Lithuanian song festivals.

Cooperation with Lithuanian world communities is expanded all the time. The Lithuanian diaspora introduced itself for the first time to Lithuania in the history of independent Lithuania in the Song Festival “In the name of…” meant to commemorate the centenary of the restored Lithuanian statehood.

This encouraged the Lithuanian World Community to make an exclusive celebration of works of the Lithuanians from all over the world: the Lithuanian World Community invited 54 artists from 19 world countries last year to introduce their most mature works in the exhibition “Lithuania in the World: Creation Horizons”. Such an exhibition was organized for the first time 30 years after the first exhibition of works of emigrant painters.

With regard to the needs of the Lithuanian communities in the neighbouring countries (Belarus, Poland and Russia, Kaliningrad district) associated to nurturance of the Lithuanian spirit and spread of amateur art and in attempt to preserve national identity and to strengthen relations of the Lithuanians living in the aforementioned countries with Lithuania, the Ministry of Culture provided a new tool of management areas for the minister of culture in 2020–2022 – “To support initiative to foster traditional Lithuanian culture abroad”. New activities are suggested according to this tool: to provide methodical assistance, to maintain tradition of the Song Festival, and to introduce the Lithuanian traditional culture abroad. The Ministry of Culture intends to grant 20 thousand euros from its internal resources in 2020 to finance this new tool. 

The Ministry of Culture is planning to take over the function of wok organization of the Lithuanian specialists of culture and art in the foreign Lithuanian organizations from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

While promoting joint cultural initiatives of the Lithuanian and foreign Lithuanian creators, the Lithuanian Council for Culture attributed 70 thousand euros to finance the projects this year. 40 thousand extra euros were awarded for search, spread, maintenance and return of the cultural heritage significant to Lithuania and located abroad.

The Lithuanian World Community unites 47 communities of our country abroad.