Minister of culture meets with Lithuania’s ambassador to UNESCO


2017 07 12


On July 11, the Lithuanian Minster of Culture Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson met with the newly-appointed Lithuania’s ambassador to UNESCO Irena Vaišvilaitė.

During the meeting they discussed vital issues related to UNESCO’s general conference to be held this autumn. The conference will see the election of UNESCO’s new general director and address operational and financing issues.  The minister said that she would consider the possibility of participating in this multilateral meeting, especially as Lithuania is entitled to hold the vice-chairmanship of the Executive Board of UNESCO until the end of this year.

Mr Ruokytė-Jonsson together with Lithuania’s ambassador to UNESCO also discussed current issues related to the Lithuanian national commission for UNESCO, the protection of UNESCO’s world heritage sites in Lithuania, expert participation in the international decision-taking process, and inter-institutional cooperation at the national level in solving cultural and other issues.