Meeting of the Minister of Culture with the Ambassador of Switzerland – focus on the anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries


2020 09 29


During the meeting of the Minister of Culture Mindaugas Kvietkauskas with the Swiss Ambassador Konstantin Obolensky, the main focus was on the programme of events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Lithuanian-Swiss diplomatic relations, which will be commemorated next year.

The ideas of the centenary programme will be linked to the themes of innovation and sustainability. 

To mark the occasion, the Swiss Embassy is offering to organise a poster exhibition “Votes and Voices: Swiss campaign posters from 1918 to the present” from the collection of the Zurich Museum of Design and a programme of events related to this event. According to the ambassador, this exhibition perfectly illustrates the DNA of the Swiss political system – a long tradition of direct democracy as well as introduces the development of graphic design.

The Minister of Culture thanked the Ambassador for the fact that students, researchers and artists from Lithuania are regularly invited to apply for scholarships from the Government of the Swiss Confederation. Mr. Kvietkauskas was pleased with close cultural ties of Lithuania with the canton of Ticino as well as with the activities of the Honorary Consul of Lithuania Michel Jean-Jacques Sogny in the cantons of Geneva and Vaud: this composer, a well-known music educator living in Switzerland, has developed an effective and currently rapidly growing methodology for teaching piano, established the SOS Talents Foundation, which supports the musical education of talented young pianists from Lithuania and Georgia and their participation in international competitions.

The Swiss Ambassador resides in Riga. This embassy is accredited to Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.