Meeting between Minister of Culture and Ambassador of Israel Focused on 2020


2019 10 25


Minister of Culture Mindaugas Kvietkauskas met with the new Ambassador of Israel Yossef Levy. The meeting focused on the matters of preservation of historical memory and the promotion of the modern art of Israel.

The ambassador expressed delight in the success of the Lithuanian contemporary culture festival “Lietuviškas Pasakojimas”, which was organised in Israel in spring, adding that he would like to organise an event related to the culture of Israel which would be similar in scope and quality.

The Minister of Culture and the Ambassador of Israel also discussed the translations of works by Lithuanian and Israeli authors. Kvietkauskas informed the ambassador that the Lithuanian Association of Literary Translator has dedicated 2020 to the contemporary literature of Israel and that a creative workshop for translators is planned.

During the meeting, they talked about the preparation for the marking of the Vilna Gaon and Lithuanian Jewish History Year in 2020 and the most important events of the coming year. According to the ambassador, this year will undoubtedly have a positive effect on the development and improvement of relations between the two states.

The Minister of Culture and the ambassador also discussed the matters related to the raising of awareness of Lithuanian Jewish history and commemoration of Holocaust sites using modern methods and solutions.

The minister informed the ambassador about the exhibition of Jewish photographer Moi Ver (Moshe Raviv-Vorobeichic), who was born in Vilnius in the early 20th century and lived and studied in Paris. The exhibition is scheduled to open this December at the National Gallery of Art and will be followed by the release of an album in Hebrew and English.