Maureen Paley gallery presents American-Lithuanian artist Andrew Miksys


2016 11 25

AndrewMikšys_DISCO (3).jpg

This November London based gallery Maureen Paley is showing a groupshow curated by Michael Bracewell titled HOUNDED BY EXTERNAL EVENTS.  The show centers around the theme of surveillance and anxious-making domestic and international situation. Participating artists are: Kaye Donachie, Gareth Jones, John Kelsey, Nick Mauss, Lucy McKenzie, Andrew Miksys, Serban Savu.

Andrew Miksys is American-Lithuanian artist that garnered big international attention after the release of his photographic series “Disco”. In this series Andrew Miksys documented the youth spending their time in discoteques in rural Lithuania. The series stirred much controversy in Lithuania, but Andrew Miksys continues working with public and private space topics. Previously Andrew Miksys worked on the series depicting Roma people in Vilnius,  and his latest project has a charged topic – his new work “Tulips” involves documenting prostitutes in Byelorussia.

This year Andrew Miksys collaborated on the photo series with Lotta Volkova and VETEMONS label.

More information on group show at Maureen Paley on 26th November