Lithuania and Poland – the 100th anniversaries remind and strengthen cultural relations


2018 11 23


The Lithuanian and Polish cultural exchange is given a sense through celebration of the centenary of the restored statehood, reinforcement of cooperation in the area of cultural heritage, and usage of the European Union’s structural support for cultural projects during the new financial period. These were the main topics discussed by the Lithuanian Minister of Culture, Mrs. Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson, and Deputy Prime Minister of the Polish Council of Ministers and Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Mr. Piotr Glinski, during the meeting in Warsaw.

“Lithuania and Poland are important strategic partners and the closest neighbours, who have many historical and cultural common features. The cultural exchange became especially intensive this year, while commemorating centenaries of the restored statehood of Lithuania and Poland. The week of the Lithuanian films that is starting in Warsaw is one of the most important projects dedicated for the 100th anniversary. It follows the already held musical, visual art, architectural and other artistic events, – told Minister L. Ruokytė-Jonsson. – The Lithuanian audience appreciates the Polish cultural programme of the centenary a lot. It is prepared by the Polish Institute in Vilnius and by the Institute of Adomas Mickevičius.”

It was stressed during the meeting that the cultural exchange will be also encouraged in the future and that the artistic acquaintances should be expanded. Next year a wide-scope cultural programme “Lithuanian Cultural Season” is planned in Lublin. Lithuania will also get big attention in the Forum of Cultural Heritage of the Central and Eastern Europe that will be held in Krakow. It is also planned to organize a special cultural programme of Lithuania in Szczecin in 2020.

The Ministers of Culture agreed that it is necessary to continue active cooperation in the area of cultural heritage. One of the best examples of such cooperation is annual meetings of the Lithuanian and Polish cultural heritage expert group. These meetings help to solve important problems related to preservation of cultural heritage, to share experience, so it is necessary to ensure continuity of such meetings.

It was also agreed during the meeting to exchange information about the opportunities provided by the new European Union’s financial perspective 2021–2027 to use structural funds for more intensive financing of cultural objects and objects of cultural heritage.

Minister L. Ruokytė-Jonsson also visited the Contemporary Art Centre in Warsaw “Zamek Ujazdowski” that holds an exhibition of the Lithuanian and Polish artists “Waiting for Another Coming”. Earlier this exhibition was held in the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius.


Photographer: Danuta Matloch, MKiDN