Lithuania and Poland are Developing a Dialogue Regarding Preservation of Shared Cultural Heritage


2019 10 25


The two-day bilateral meeting of the Polish-Lithuanian Expert Group on the Preservation of Cultural Heritage will conclude on Friday in Warsaw. The meeting concerns cooperation in the areas of the protection of mutually significant cultural heritage, preservation of historical memory, museums, libraries, and archives.

This is the eleventh meeting of such a format by cultural heritage experts from the two countries.

The meeting by the Polish-Lithuanian Expert Group on the Preservation of Cultural Heritage is chaired by the Vice-Minister of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania Ingrida Veliutė and the undersecretary of state at Poland’s Ministry of Culture and National Heritage Magdalena Gawin.

“The main task of this high-level meeting of cultural heritage preservation experts is to ensure constant dialogue regarding the key issues related to the preservation of mutually significant cultural heritage in Lithuania and Poland. This is also a great opportunity to exchange best practices in the field and to create favourable conditions for the implementation of joint projects and to ensure their continuity”, the head of the Lithuanian delegation, the Vice-Minister of Culture Ingrida Veliutė said.

The joint activities that are being implemented and planned have been summarised in the agreement signed by both countries. It notes that cooperation between Lithuania and Poland in the field of cultural heritage preservation is promising and oriented towards further development. The countries were also positive with regard to the cooperation between Polish and Lithuanian experts to date in the field of joint restoration of sacred heritage sites. Lithuania and Poland confirmed the aim to continue cooperating in the field of the preservation of historical memory and in the preservation and maintenance of memorial sites as well as cemeteries and burial places of soldiers. The countries decided to continue and improve the bilateral cooperation between museums, libraries, and archives by exchanging specialists, organising training for museologists, librarians, archivists, restorers, specialists of digitization, metadata processing and other areas, by preparing conferences, exhibitions and scientific publications, and by ensuring mobility of museum collections and access to museum collections and funds.

The meetings of the Polish-Lithuanian Expert Group on the Preservation of Cultural Heritage are a long-standing fromat of cooperation with Poland. In 2017, the tenth bilateral meeting took place in Vilnius, while the upcoming twelfth one will also be held in Lithuania.


Photo by Danuta Matloch/MKiDN