International Project to Improve Management of Cultural Heritage


2019 12 12


On 11 December, the Cultural Heritage Centre and the Central Project Management Agency signed a contract for the funding of the state planning project FIXUS.

The project aims to improve the management of cultural heritage by increasing preventative maintenance. Thus, a new service is introduced in the cultural heritage system: a system of preventative monitoring and maintenance of cultural heritage sites, and the site administrators’ skills of awareness and preventative maintenance are improved.

Three mobile teams will be established that will maintain, observe, study, and report on the status of the selected 200 sites, consult the site owners and administrators, perform small tasks of maintenance and elimination of emergency risk, and prepare the individual plan of preventative maintenance. This will deepen the cultural heritage administrators’ knowledge about their site and its preventative maintenance, preventing major violations that would eventually require restoration.

Based on the locations of the planned 200 sites, consultations, seminars and training sessions are planned during the project in the regions dedicated to the communities and cultural heritage owners and managers.

The project applicant is the Cultural Heritage Centre. The project’s partner is Monuments of Lithuania, the Department of Cultural Heritage. The project is implemented in cooperation with institutions of Norway that are responsible for the management of the territories, churches, and cultural heritage of this country.

The value of the project is EUR 1.611,765. The project is financed by the cultural program of the European Economic Area financial mechanism for the period 2014–2021.


Photo: a moment from the visit in one of the countries that are implementing analogous projects