Huge Resources of Digitized Cultural Heritage and Pieces of Art Open to the Public


2020 03 13


Due to the nationwide emergency situation, the Ministry of Culture, as well as museums, libraries, archives and other cultural institutions are temporarily unable to receive visitors. Therefore, the public is invited to continue the exploration of cultural heritage objects and the pieces of art in virtual space.

Europeana, the European Union (EU) Digital Cultural Heritage Platform, provides access to tens of millions of works of literature, music, fine arts and other pieces of art published by thousands of the EU institutions: libraries, museums, archives. There were 199 200 digitized Lithuanian cultural heritage objects were on the platform in 2019.  

The website has an enormous digital treasure trove, providing quick and easy access to thousands of works of art, books, newspapers, manuscript texts and audio. This is the electronic gateway to the Lithuanian cultural heritage.

The Lithuanian Integral Museum Information System (LIMIS) provides access to information on a large number of digitized cultural heritage objects, i.e. exhibits and other valuables stored in the museums, as well as almost one hundred of themed virtual exhibitions.

Access to the old documentary (films and their descriptions), which is stored in the Lithuanian Central State Archive, is available on the website of the Lithuanian documentary cinema Currently there are slightly more than 100 titles of old Lithuanian documentaries with their descriptions in Lithuanian and English.

Digitized and restored documentaries and video artworks in VHS format are available on  Independent Sinemateka is the project developed by the public institution Meno avilys.

Cultural users should also be interested in the Cultural Heritage Register, a property of movable and immovable cultural heritage in the database. This site also allows visitors to make their own itineraries and visit Lithuanian cultural heritage sites virtually.

Visitors of the virtual exhibition website Exhibits Worth Seeing can view the most valuable and interesting exhibits stored in museums. Unique cultural heritage objects, stored in private collections or institutions, as well as in foreign countries with which Lithuanian museums have cooperation agreements, are also introduced, as well as implemented projects for digitization and dissemination of cultural heritage.

Exclusive cultural heritage objects are also available on the website Treasures of Lithuanian Museums. Panoramic photos of Lithuanian museums are published on, and virtual exhibitions of 3D digital images are available at

The Lithuanian Art Museum offers children an introduction to the history, culture and architecture of Vilnius by colouring their online books Founding the City and Living the City. They were created by the Lithuanian Museum Information and Digitization Centre (LIMIS).

An interactive library for reading e-books is available at

The digitization of cultural heritage sites not only enables sustainable use of existing resources, encourages creativity and innovation through the reuse of these resources, but is also often the only way to preserve the country’s significant cultural heritage. 2007–2020 European Union investment has created a national infrastructure for the digitization of cultural heritage, and it is important in the future to test the right conditions for this to continue while integrating inter-institutional and cross-sectoral synergies