Highly qualified professionals may be exempted from mandatory isolation


2020 08 04

atleidimas nuo izoliacijos.jpg

Highly qualified professionals, including representatives of culture and art, coming from foreign countries, from which 14 days of self-isolation is required on arrival or return, may be exempted from mandatory isolation and may leave the place of isolation.

This is provided for in the updated Rules for the Isolation of Persons Infected with COVID-19 (Coronavirus infection), Suspected of Having COVID-19 (Coronavirus Infection) or Having Been in Contact at Home or in Another Place of Residence or in the Premises Provided by the Municipal Administration.

According to the Rules, the National Centre for Public Health, following the application from the isolated person, has the right to decide whether the person may leave his/her place of isolation after the test for COVID-19 (Coronavirus infection) has been carried out and a negative test result has been received.

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