Funding for the Implementation of Strategic Programs Granted 


2017 12 07


The Lithuanian Council for Culture has granted funding for the programme Implementation of the Strategic Programs of Cultural or Artistic Organizations. It is currently the largest funding programme aimed at ensuring successful and ongoing activities of the most powerful non-governmental cultural organizations. The sum of EUR 1,200,000 was allocated to twelve different organizations representing culture and art

Based on the expert findings and recommendations, the funding was granted to 12 organizations (out of the 54 applications submitted) that have submitted the strongest strategic operational programs for 2018.

When preparing the financing program and its provisions for the implementation of strategic programs of cultural or artistic organizations, the needs of independent cultural and artistic institutions implementing successful projects were taken into account. It is expected that, using the funds awarded for this program, starting from 2019, the winners of the next year's competition will be funded for three years. This is aimed at reducing the administrative burden of projects and ensuring the continuity of the long-term cultural activities. It is noteworthy, that applications from organizations which were not funded under this program submitted to other competitions (of different fields and programs) will continue to be evaluated under the general order.

Brief introduction to the organizations implementing their strategic programs for 2018 may be found at: