EU Investments Will Contribute to the Emergence of the Museum of Litvak Culture and Identity


2017 08 11


By order of the Minister Liana Ruokytės-Jonsson the funding of EUR 5 million has been allocated to the project of the Vilna Gaon Jewish State Museum (VGJSM) in Vilnius from the European Structural and Investment Funds 2014-2020.

In the near future, another unit of the VGJSM - Museum of Litvak Culture and Identity - will be located in the historical building on Pylimo str. 4, which was a Jewish "Tarbut" gymnasium during the interwar period.

The contribution of Lithuanian Jews to the development of the world’s culture, science and philosophical thought will be presented through works of art, documents and other artefacts kept in the collections of the VGJSM and other institutions, as well as the measures of modern museology measures.

The mission of the future museum is to reveal the specific phenomena of Lithuanian Jewish education, culture and art, the contribution of Jewish expatriates from Lithuanian cities and towns to the progress of the world’s culture and science in an attractive and contemporary way.

The museum will gather the artistic and cultural heritage of Lithuanian Jews spread around the world, highlight the links of the Litvaks who have become world-renowned creators and inventors with their Lithuanian-Jewish origin, traditions and cultural environment in Lithuania. It will also present the unique cultural phenomena (Jewish educational institutions, YIVO, Jung Vilne, etc.). Not only the works of the world’s famous artists are planned to be exhibited, the museum will reveal to visitors the works of the writers, poets, artists, musicians, playwrights and actors who have been unknown or forgotten until now.

Innovation and unified concept of the Museum of Litvak Culture and Identity will make it one of the most unique attraction centers for cultural education and promotion of cultural tourism in the country. By implementing the project the opportunity is exploited to effectively invest the EU funds by using an existing heritage building and adapting it to the cultural needs of modern society. After implementation of the project’s activities, the museum is forecasted to have about 40 thousand visitors per year.

Cultural services of new content will be provided in a modern environment, and the newly established unit of the VGJSM will become a contemporary museum-cultural center of the highest category not only in Lithuania but in Europe as well.

The planned duration of the project is 26 months.