COVID-19 Measures for culture and creative sector in Lithuania


2020 04 10

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To reduce the negative consequences for artists, culture professionals and cultural organisations due to the declared state-level emergency and quarantine, the Ministry of Culture has prepared the Action Plan for Support of Culture Sector. The action plan, which aims to support artists, culture professionals and cultural organisations, has been prepared taking into account the proposals by the working group established by the Minister of Culture Mindaugas Kvietkauskas.

Additional funding of EUR 2 mln for Artists Social Security Programme to mitigate the effects of coronavirus, to provide and pay creative downtime for artists who are unable to generate income from their activities due to the emergency. The measure is implemented by the Ministry of Culture.

Additional funding of EUR 3 mln for cultural organizations (private and public) for the development of new products and services and their adaption to the period of quarantine and exiting the health crisis as well as adaption of the creative content for digital environment. The measure is implemented by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

Additional resources of EUR 2 mln for the Lithuanian film sector to support cinemas, new productions, distribution, individual filmmakers, TV and audiovisual content. The measure is implemented by the Lithuanian Film Centre.

Funds of compensatory remuneration for reproduction of works for private use, over EUR 700,000, redirected to compensate losses of self-employed persons, working in the field of culture. The measure is implemented by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

EUR 600,000 of redirected funding from the Culture Support Foundation for individual grants for artists and culture professionals, awarded through a competition for three months to facilitate creative work.  The measure is implemented by the Lithuanian Council for Culture.

The agencies funding cultural and audiovisual projects shall apply flexible conditions for the implementation of the projects, taking into account force majeure factor.

Horizontal measures by the Lithuanian Government

The Lithuanian Government has put in place the EUR 5 mlrd Economic Stimulus and Coronavirus Mitigation Action Plan that provides the necessary resources for the efficient operation of the health and public security systems, for jobs and personal income protection, resources to maintain business liquidity as well as the allocation of funds for self-employed persons who have paid social security contributions. More information on the measures undertaken is provided: here