Baltic Museology School Has Begun


2017 08 20


Training of the long-term international cooperation project “Baltic Museology School” ( has been launched in the Estonian National Museum in Tartu (Estonia) on August 20. This year the topic of the training is “Information Management for Museums“. The training will take place until August 26. During the training the lecturers - Maija Ekosaari, Project Manager of Museum Center Vapriikki (Finland), vice chairwoman of the International Committee for Documentation (CIDOC) of the International Council of Museums, and Trilce Navarrete, the lecturer at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), the researcher on the historical and economic aspects of digital heritage and the member of evaluation committee to build a digital heritage infrastructure in the Netherlands - will share their experience with the museologists from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

Baltic Museology School is an annual project started in 2004, dedicated to improving the professional skills of Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian museologists and promoting their cultural cooperation.

The main author and organizer of the idea of the Baltic Museology School is the Museums Division of the Cultural Policy Department of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia. The idea of the school is supported by the European Regional Division of ICOM. Ministries of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia finance participation of their museologists in the school.

The aim of the Baltic Museology School is to promote dissemination of the thought of the museum by combining the aspects of theory and practice in order to achieve professionalism and modernization of the Baltic museums as well as their openness to the public. The school is offering an insight in a museum, its role in the society and to analyze the problems encountered through the eyes of famous, world renowned museology theorists and practitioners.

The school is held in different Baltic country each year. It took place in Latvia from 2004 to 2007, in 2010, 2013, 2016, in Estonia in 2008, 2011, 2014 and in Lithuania in 2009, 2012, 2015. 10 museum specialist from each Baltic country are invited to participate in the week-long training. Every year during the training new topics in relation to museology are analyzed: “Museums and Their Role in the Modern Society” (2004), “Museum – Exhibition – Visitors“ (2005), “Heritage in Museums” (2006), “Museological aspects of Museum Management” (2007), “Social Role of the Museum: Temple or Forum?“ (2008), “Change Management in Museums” (2009), “Intangible Heritage and Museums” (2010), “Museum Exhibitions” (2011), “Museum Collections as the Way of Communication with the Society” (2012), “Heritage and Society. Role of Museums” (2013), “How Museums Communicate With Their Audiences - Visible and Invisible” (2014), “Ethics of Museums in the Context of the Creative Economy of the 21st Century” (2015), “Innovation and Strategies in Contemporary Museum Work“ (2016).

In 2018 Baltic Museology School will be held in Lithuania.