Baltic countries - changes ensure an even spread of culture


2018 10 12


The experience of the changes, taking place in Estonia and Latvia, during which the activities of cultural institutions are being reorganized, is very useful for Lithuania - says the Minister of Culture Liana Ruokytė-Jonsson, who is on a working visit to Tallinn. Today the minister participated in a trilateral meeting with the Minister of Culture of Estonia, Indrek Saar and the Minister of Culture of Latvia Dace Melbarde. 

The Estonian Minister of Culture got acquainted with the changes in the cultural sphere, taking place in the country. The reorganization of Estonian cultural institutions into funds, except for national institutions, has been taking place since 2003; the activity of most theatres and concert institutions has already been reorganized. At the moment, museums and cultural heritage institutions are being reorganized. The reorganization of budgetary cultural institutions is aimed to cooperate as closely as possible with local governments and attract new financial partners. It ensures the flexibility of cultural institutions and the greatest distribution of cultural services, provided by them throughout the country, regarding the needs of specific regions. Estonia has already prepared the legal basis for these changes; it applies durable financing models and a system of control over the activities of cultural institutions. Similar changes are being introduced in Latvia.

“Changes in the sphere of cultural policy and the activities of cultural organizations is a long-term process, but it must take place to ensure more equal access to cultural services. Estonia’s experience is also useful to us because our views coincide - cultural services must be available in any region of the country; they should cover a larger spectrum to meet the needs of visitors, their aspirations,” - said Minister L. Ruokytė-Jonsson.

At the meeting, the culture ministers of Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia also rejoiced at the common cultural projects, dedicated to the centenary of the Baltic countries. Duration of the common projects will be provided by the Baltic cultural fund, established with the consent of the abovementioned ministers of culture; it will start working from 2019. According to L. Ruokytė-Jonsson, cultural works and projects of the Baltic countries, presented together, further highlight strengths of our region’s culture and art, help to introduce us to the world more loudly.