Attention to Kaunas Modernist Architecture in the International Forum


2019 09 12


The 2nd International Forum of Modernism Cities “From Modern to Modern: 20th Century Architectural Heritage Practices Based on the Tel Aviv Document for Modernist Cities” is held in Kaunas and Vilnius on the 12th-13th of September.

According to the Vice Minister of Culture, Ms. Ingrida Veliutė, who opened the event together with the Vice Mayor of Kaunas City, Mr. Mantas Jurgutis, this forum is important for continuation of discussions on implementation of international documents related to historical urban landscape, objectives of sustainable development, and provisions of the UNESCO conventions, challenges arising with regard to protection and expansion of cultural heritage, and their resolution methods. It is also an excellent platform to review values of Kaunas modernist architecture, to continue the accelerating work on preparation of nomination file of this value in order to be granted a status of the UNESCO World Heritage. “Kaunas city municipality, the Ministry of Culture, and scientists have already reached an agreement on this issue, so all of us are endeavouring at common goal, and we are moving towards it as we see clear progress,” – said the Vice Minister of Culture.

Such events help to reinforce efforts of municipalities, the Ministry of Culture and society to research, learn, to transfer to future generations, and to preserve modernist architecture. They also induce cooperation between the experts, society’s involvement, and international dialogue. It is expected that Kaunas forum will lead to development of long-term cooperation of modernist cities of the UNESCO World Heritage.

The representatives of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, international experts, academic researchers, professionals and specialists of various areas are taking part in the forum, so there is a possibility to receive valuable insights of foreign experts, who have already familiarized with Kaunas.

The forum held in Kaunas is directed towards practical aspects of implementation of the Tel Aviv Document for Modernist Cities in order to adjust the offered preservation means of modernist heritage through creation of innovative development strategies in the city’s territories, where the heritage of the 20th century is important. The discussion on the values of modernist heritage, their interpretation in modern society, and integration into development of future cities, will be held in the Parliament (Seimas) of the Republic of Lithuania in Vilnius on the second day of the event.

The event is sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania and Vilnius city municipality. The forum’s organizers and partners: Kaunas city municipality, Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Kaunas University of Technology, PI Kaunas 2022. The forum is patronized by the Committee of Culture of the Parliament (Seimas) of the Republic of Lithuania.