A Tender to Commemorate the Lithuanian People Who Saved the Jews is Planned


2020 06 15


Vilnius City Municipality and the Ministry of Culture seeking to commemorate the memory of the Jewish rescuers are organising an open tender for the creation of a monument. The tender will be announced after receiving comments and finally agreeing on the technical design task published a few days ago.

The place of honour is planned in Onos Šimaitės Street, next to Maironio Street, where a monumental stone placed on the initiative of the Lithuanian Jewish community is already located, proclaiming that in this place in the future the Righteous Among the Nations who saved the lives of Jews during the years of Nazi occupation will be commemorated.

The rescue of Jews in Nazi-occupied Lithuania often amounted to heroism. Despite the anti-Semitic propaganda and the constant threats of the occupying authorities, many Lithuanians became involved in the rescue of their fellow Jews. The Israel Institute for the Remembrance of Martyrs and Heroes Yad Vashem (these words in Hebrew mean “memory” and “name”) gives the Jewish rescuers the title of Righteous Among the Nations and awards medals. The medals say, “Saving one life saves the whole world”.

Nine hundred and fifteen Lithuanian citizens were recognised as Righteous among the Nations of the world in 1966–2019. Their names are engraved in the Garden of the Righteous among the Nations, on the Hill of Remembrance, at Yad Vashem, in Jerusalem. After the restoration of Lithuania’s independence in 1992–2019, 1507 people who rescued Jews in Nazi-occupied Lithuania were awarded the Cross of Salvation. The rescued, their children and grandchildren now live in various parts of the world, they know the names of their parents’ and grandparents’ saviours well. Unfortunately, they are still little known in Lithuania.

The aim of the project of Vilnius City Municipality and the Ministry of Culture is to honour, perpetuate and actualise the Lithuanian population that saved the Jews during the Nazi occupation on a national and global level in accordance with the principles of historical justice, to create a respectful, socially influential solution that continues the traditions of honouring the Jewish nation, to adequately represent the content and essence of the place that perpetuates the Righteous among the Nations, to contribute to the education of a society that is open to the world and the history.

Criteria for evaluation of tender works: contextuality, social impact, aesthetics, quality of the created environment, project cost and economic feasibility.

The estimated budget for the design services and construction of the monumental object and the plot and access arrangements will not exceed EUR 250 000.

The winner of the first place will conclude a purchase contract with the authorised contracting authority for the implementation of the proposed project idea. Prizes will be awarded to three designers who have submitted the best projects: the winner of the 1st place will receive EUR 5000, the second – EUR 3000 and the third – EUR 2000.

Project for technical specification of the tender “Services for the creation and implementation of a sculptural-architectural idea of a monumental object for the residents of Lithuania who rescued Jews during the Nazi occupation”.

Comments on the technical conditions are welcome until June 18.