A Report Prepared on the Role of Culture Policy in the Promotion of Social Inclusion and Cohesion


2019 12 05


The European Commission has published a report, “From Social Inclusion to Social Cohesion. The Role of Culture Policy”.

The report, which was prepared by experts from 24 member states of the European Union (EU) employed in 2017–2018, sought to uncover the role of culture in the tackling of the challenges faced by the EU member states related to social inclusion and cohesion, human rights, diversity and cultural dialogue, poverty, segregation, polarisation, ageing society, and inequalities in the living conditions of urban and rural communities.

The report is dedicated to policymakers and cultural institutions responsible for the implementation of various policies related to culture, economics, employment, justice, security, social security, health, welfare, education, and urban and regional development.

The document provides general and specific recommendations. The recommendations for the policymakers emphasise the need to demonstrate clear political obligation to uphold the role of culture in the assurance of social inclusion. This can be ensured by preparing horizontal policy programs or establishing long-term support mechanisms for bottom-up initiatives.

The recommendations for the cultural institutions and the funding organisations discuss both the internal organisational aspects and the external role of organisations, for instance, in the implementation of partnerships with the stakeholders at local and regional levels.

Summary of the report (English)


Report (English)