A New Service for Owners and Managers of Cultural Heritage Sites Is Launched


2020 06 11


More than 20 000 cultural heritage objects are included in the Register of Immovable Cultural Property in Lithuania. The FIXUS Mobilis project provides the owners and managers of these facilities with the opportunity to receive free assistance in the event of maintenance problems. It is planned to provide free services to 200 objects during the three years of project implementation.

The FIXUS Mobilis project, the main promoters of which are the Cultural Heritage Centre and the Cultural Infrastructure Centre, aims to improve the management of cultural heritage sites by promoting high-quality maintenance of buildings.

“Most of the problems of maintenance of cultural heritage objects are caused by a lack of building management knowledge and a lack of preventive maintenance skills. State support for site management works has so far reached a small number of heritage sites. The FIXUS Mobilis project will help to solve these problems by providing free maintenance and consulting services to heritage owners,” says Erika Kielė, FIXUS Mobilis project manager.

Every owner and manager of a cultural heritage object can apply for free preventive care services. Publicly selected owners of the facilities will be consulted and minor maintenance work will be carried out by three mobile teams specially assembled for this project. These professional teams/workshops will research and provide the owners with reports on the condition of the selected objects, consult, perform minor maintenance work, and prepare an individual preventive maintenance calendar/plan.

“FIXUS Mobilis emergency service prevents major damage to immovable cultural heritage sites, that would require more serious elimination, conservation or restoration work after a certain period of time, the knowledge of cultural heritage managers about the existing object and its maintenance is also deepened,” says Viltė Janušauskaitė, FIXUS Mobilis project manager.

Throughout the project, there will be public presentations, consultations, seminars and workshops for communities and owners and managers of cultural heritage sites. The events will not only provide an opportunity for site managers to improve their practical preventive maintenance skills but will also inform the society about the significance of cultural heritage sites.

The project is relevant not only to the mentioned owners and managers. FIXUS Mobilis will spread the message to the society that heritage is our connection to the past and the basis of the future; therefore, we need to take care of significant buildings today. The ongoing heritage maintenance is essential to avoid serious damage and expensive works in the future.

The project is funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism Culture Programme 2014–2021.

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