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2021 05 24
Minister of Culture will meet with Belarusian journalists accredited in Lithuania

In response to the incident yesterday, when journalist Raman Pratasevich was arrested after Alexander Lukashenko’s regime took over and forced an airplane to land in Minsk, the Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys is inviting Belarusian journalists accredited in Lithuania to join a meeting.

2021 05 21
Simonas Kairys: “Urbonas’ A Planet of People, opening in Venice, encourages us to keep exercising our imagination”

Starting tomorrow, the Lithuanian pavilion will await visitors at the Venice Biennale of Architecture. This year our country is represented at the event by the artist Julijonas Urbonas, who established a fictional Lithuanian Space Agency and created A Planet of People .

2021 05 21
Artists who wish to enter Lithuania from non-EEA countries have to apply for a permit

We would like to remind you that, during lockdown, artists and their staff must submit applications to the Ministry of Culture, in accordance with the established procedure, before entering Lithuania from non-European Economic Area countries.

2021 05 21
Davos Baukultur Quality System turns to high-quality environment design

The Swiss Federal Office of Culture has announced the Davos Baukultur Quality System, which was created in cooperation with international partners. This system is one of the steps towards implementation of obligations assumed after signing the declaration on the high-quality Baukultur for Europe during the conference of the European ministers of culture ...

2021 05 18
Simonas Kairys: “We must encourage cultural initiatives that emphasize shared European values”

In order to foster cultural heritage, EU member states should cooperate with one another more intensely and not only share good practices but also develop joint initiatives together: especially those that reflect European values.

2021 05 14
New Generation Lithuania plan intends to allocate 65 million euros to culture

The integrated New Generation Lithuania plan will be presented to the European Commission (EC) today. The plan foresees two financial instruments intended directly for the field of culture: in total, about EUR 65 million.

2021 05 06
Foreign media gives special attention to Lithuania’s culture

Analysis of Lithuania’s visibility in the foreign media and social networks during the first quarter of this year, prepared by the Lithuanian Image Group, has revealed that the field of culture stood out due to a large number of positive reports: in terms of the favourability index, it received the highest assessment, while overall the field of culture came third in ...

2021 05 03
Creative workshop sought links between New European Bauhaus and culture

In late April, a creative workshop was held in which representatives of different cultural fields, culture practicians, policymakers and researchers sought links between the New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiative and the culture sector in Lithuania.

2021 04 26
REACT-EU initiative will allocate EUR 15.5 million to Lithuania’s cultural and creative industries

The European Commission has approved the funds allocated to Lithuania under the REACT-EU initiative, including the funding to cultural and creative industries (CCI), which is planned to amount to EUR 15.5 million.

2021 04 16
UNESCO World Heritage Centre has been informed about the process of Vilnius City master plan’s amendment

The Ministry of Culture has informed the UNESCO World Heritage Centre about the undergoing project of the Vilnius City master plan until 2030 and the conducted assessment of the impact on heritage.

2021 03 25
The Minister of Culture has initiated a joint appeal to the European Commission for funding of cinema festivals

Minister of Culture Simonas Kairys, together with his counterparts in Czechia, Estonia, Cyprus, Latvia, Poland, Malta, Slovakia and Slovenia, appealed to the European Commission regarding funding for cinema festivals in accordance with the Creative Europe programme for 2021–2027.

2021 03 22
New European Bauhaus: How cities of the future will look

At 9.00 am on 25 March, an online discussion is held on the New European Bauhaus initiative, inviting the participation of community groups concerned about how our residential environment will look in the future.

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