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2020 10 27
Invitation to the Conference on Audiovisual Heritage

Every year on the 27th of October we celebrate World Day for World Audiovisual Heritage. On this day, since 2005, the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has chosen to highlight the importance of audiovisual documents and the risks associated with their preservation.

Moi Ver.jpg
2020 10 23
The photobook published in Lithuania has been nominated for two global awards

Last year’s photographic edition of the album “The Ghetto Lane in Wilna” and the accompanying book “Hommage à Moï Ver” by Moshé Raviv-Vorobeichic, also known as Moï Ver, a master of avant-garde photography from Vilnius and the student of the Bauhaus School, attracted the attention of two world competitions. 

2020 10 14
The plan for commemorating the year of Lithuanian Tartar history and culture was approved

The plan for commemorating the Lithuanian Tartar History and Culture Year in 2021 was approved today at the Government meeting.

2020 10 12
The international conference focuses on Roma equality and integration

Today, the Vice-Minister of Culture Zita Bružaitė participated in the international high-level remote conference “EU Strategy for Equality, Inclusion and Participation until 2030” organised by Germany’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU).

2020 10 01
The Lithuanian report submitted to UNESCO emphasises changes in cultural policy

Lithuania’s report submitted to UNESCO reviews the progress of our country in implementing the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of Diversity of Cultural Expressions, which was ratified in 2006.

2020 09 29
The remains of Lithuanian political prisoners and exiles were reburied in Kazakhstan

In September, fourteen remains of Lithuanian political prisoners, deportees and their relatives were transferred from the Rudnyk city cemetery in Kazakhstan to the memorial complex in Spas, and from the abandoned Sarana cemetery – the remains of the partisan fighter Pranas Perevičius.

2020 09 29
Meeting of the Minister of Culture with the Ambassador of Switzerland – focus on the anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries

During the meeting of the Minister of Culture Mindaugas Kvietkauskas with the Swiss Ambassador Konstantin Obolensky, the main focus was on the programme of events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Lithuanian-Swiss diplomatic relations, which will be...

2020 09 24
The vision of the Lithuanian design sector: entrepreneurship, education and internationality

On Tuesday, the Contemporary Art Centre hosted a discussion “Vision of the Lithuanian Design Sector”, which was attended by the members of the Lithuanian Design Council established in 2019 on the initiative of the Ministries of Culture and Economy and Innovation.

2020 09 23
Cultural workers providing services are given the opportunity to be tested by rapid COVID-19 tests

Cultural workers providing services are given the opportunity to be tested by rapid COVID-19 tests. This is provided for in the decision of the State-level Emergency State Operations Manager, which instructs the directors of municipal administrations to organise COVID-19 rapid tests for cultural workers providing services...

2020 09 23
The Minister of Culture paid tribute to the victims of the Lithuanian Jewish genocide

On Wednesday, the Minister of Culture Mindaugas Kvietkauskas participated in the commemoration of the Day of Remembrance of the Victims of the Lithuanian Jewish Genocide in Vilnius – the commemoration in Rūdninkai Square and the ceremony at the Paneriai Memorial.

2020 08 21
Tender to commemorate Lithuanian residents who rescued Jews has been announced

Open tender for the creation and implementation of a sculptural-architectural idea of a monumental object for the residents of Lithuania who rescued Jews during the years of Nazi occupation has been announced.

Ula Marija Tornau.jpg
2020 08 17
Ūla Marija Tornau won the competition for the position of cultural attaché in the United Kingdom

Dr. Ūla Marija Tornau has won a competition of the Ministry of Culture for the position of a cultural attaché at the diplomatic representation of the Republic of Lithuania in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

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