Vice Minister of Culture, Ms. I. Veliutė: digital technologies are important for creation and preservation of culture


2019 09 04


Vice Minister of Culture, Ms. Ingrida Veliutė took part in the international conference “Europe of the Carpathians” held in Krynica (Poland). The Vice Minister stressed necessity of digitization of cultural heritage in the course of special discussion dedicated to cultural problems “Intellectual Features of Central Europe”.

Vice Minister I. Veliutė stressed during the discussion that at present Lithuania is digitizing thousands of objects of cultural heritage and is attempting to identify their users. Lithuania has more than one and a half thousand institutions and organizations that are somehow related to cultural heritage and its digitization. Digital technologies and means are important for creation and preservation of culture ad creation of networks between authorities and countries so that we could share that culture. Lithuania is putting efforts to grant accessibility and visibility of cultural heritage to society. Digitization helps Lithuanians in all the way to stay close to the culture,”– said Vice Minister I. Veliutė.

It is stated in the strategy of the Lithuanian cultural policy approved in the end of June that cultural heritage digitized in the domestic memory institutions may be reused to create and develop new and innovative electronic services – according to the experience of the EU Member States, the digitized material may become a significant part of cultural and creative industries, tourism and/or educational sectors, and bring added value to them.

The importance of digitization of cultural heritage is also consolidated in the following national and European legal acts: strategy of the Lithuanian cultural policy, Lithuanian Progress Strategy “Lithuania 2030”, programme of actualization and preservation of digital cultural heritage for 2015-2020, declaration on advancing the digitization of cultural heritage of 09 April 2019, and the agenda of European culture approved in 2018.

The 25th international conference “Europe of the Carpathians” was convened in the course of the Economic Forum. The event attracted more than one thousand of businessmen and politicians from Central and East Europe. The conference was used to discuss the issues related to economics, culture and cyber safety, topicalities of Central European natural environment and history, and cooperation of six Carpathian higher educational authorities in implementation of special project “Collegium Carpathicum” was presented

After the event, the Vice Minister of Culture met the world-known German professor, follower of creative thinking method “design thinking”, Mr. Ulrich Weinberg, Secretary General of the Norwegian Culture Fund, Mrs. Hege Knarvik Sande, and Director of the National Culture Centre, Dr. Rafal Wisniewski.

Photo from archive of the Parliament of the Republic of Poland