Vice-Minister Gytis Andrulionis participates in informal meetings of ministers in Sofia


2018 03 01


Between 28 February and 1 March the Vice-Minister of Culture Gytis Andrulionis is on a visit in Sofia, Bulgaria where an informal meeting of EU ministers of culture and the 8th meeting of Asian–European (ASEM) ministers of culture are taking place. 

The informal meeting of EU ministers of culture in Sofia continues the topic of the European Council meeting in Gothenburg on the contribution of culture to the sense of belonging to a common European area and on the contribution of the young generation to the spread of European values through culture. In the meeting, Vice-Minister Gytis Andriulionis urged to invest the EU structural funds during the new period not only in the living environment and infrastructure, but also in the human capital. 

‘The component of culture and cultural heritage is especially significant in this context because it both improves local or regional attractiveness to investment and also becomes an important economic and social resource, it promotes the development of culture, products of creative industries, services, tourism and social cohesion, as well as highlights the uniqueness of individual regions, preserves and encourages cultural diversity in the common European area’, said Vice-Minister of Culture Gytis Andrulionis. The Vice-Minister presented Lithuania’s experience in involving the youth in volunteer programmes in cultural institutions, making the cultural institutions more accessible by implementing the model of open museums or the ‘culture passport’ programme currently being developed. 

In the Sofia ASEM meeting of ministers of culture, the discussion revolves around how to strengthen the role of culture in developing international relations, replacing the traditional model of top-bottom cultural diplomacy with a new model based on initiatives, direct interpersonal relationship, common creation, collaboration, exchange.